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Our Products

  • Hi Force


      Low height cylinders are designed to provide a solution for limited space applications.

      These cylinders can be considered as compromise between closed height and technical features.

      Therefore, none of the low height cylinders from the HVL, HPS and HLS range will feature :

      • Piston saddles (the piston effectively is the saddle)
      • Collar mounting threads (saving on closed height)

      All industrial cylinders are manufactured to the highest international quality standards and will provide years of trouble free service.

      Each of the models feature:

      • A replaceable piston rod saddle
      • Base mounting holes
      • Collar threads
      • Piston rod threads
      • The HSS & HHS are single acting, spring assisted return
      • The HHR & HDA are double acting, hydraulic return

      Hi-Force construction (or high tonnage) cylinders provide an effective and economical way of lifting, supporting or pushing extremely heavy loads or structures.

      Available in low height and standard version, with or without lock ring for mechanical load support, these cylinders are suitable for a wide range of applications.

      The cylinders are supplied in individual wooden boxes for transport  and storage, and come complete with lifting eyes for easy positioning.

      Construction cylinders are available, within the standard range, with capacities up to 520 tonnes. Higher capacities can be manufactured to order.

      pumps Hi-Force XHP1500BTU manually operated high pressure hydraulic pump is compatible for use with Hi-Force
      STS, STS-SR and STU bolt tensioners as well as HTN hydraulic nuts. Lightweight, compact and independent
      from any required power source, it is suitable for all tensioning applications on-site requiring reliable
      hydraulic power. The pump is easy to operate and supplied complete with a pressure gauge and quick
      release outlet coupling. See page 104 for compatible high pressure hydraulic hoses.

      Typical Industry :

      • General maintenance
      • Power generation
      • Railways
      • Steelworks
      • Shipyards
      • Construction

      Common applications are:

      • Removal of wheels, gears,

        sprockets, sleeves & pulleys

      • Removing press fitted parts

      Typical Industry :

      • General maintenance and repair

      Common applications are:

      • Removal of wheels, gears,

        sprockets, sleeves, pulleys,

        cogs, internal bearings, flywheels

      • Removing press fitted parts

      Typical Industry :

      • General maintenance and repair
      HFS & MFS

      Common applications are:

      • Flange maintenance

      Typical Industry :

      • Oil & gas
      • Petro-chemical
      • Power plants
      • Pipelines
      Air driven Hydrotest pumps

      The Hi-Force AHP series of lubricant free air driven hydrostatic pressure testing pumps offers a choice of eight models with output pressure capacities ranging from 69 Bar (1000 PSI) to 2931 Bar (42500 PSI). All models are suitable for use with various fluids, including water and are supplied with a 150mm diameter hydraulic pressure gauge (calibrated on request), inlet airline filter & pressure regulator unit,  lightweight fluid reservoir, pump start/stop valve and a robust stainless steel skid mounted framework. Optional extras available include pressure isolation valve. All units are of compact design with a maximum weight of 23 kg.

      SC & CH
      sc2 sc

      Common applications are:

      • Crimping connectors
      • Crimping non-insulated terminals

      • Crimping distribution and transmission lines

      Typical Industry :

      • Power generation and distribution
      • Electrical & mechanical contractors
      • Civil construction
      • General maintenance companies
      NS & HMNS

      Hi-Force hydraulic nut splitters are designed to easily split corroded nuts. The tools offer a cold cut for corroded fasteners where hot work is not permitted. The angled body design will provide access to flanges and flat surfaces, even in the most confined spaces. The HMNS models incorporate an integral hydraulic pump with multi-position (360 degree) lever.

      HPB & HPF

      Hi-Force can offer hydraulic bench presses (6 models) and workshop floor presses (22 models), both of which can be supplied with a choice of pumps (HPB = air and manual pumps), HPF (air, manual and electric pumps). Both series have easily detachable hydraulic components making it an extremely versatile tool. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, the Hi-Force press range is suitable for the most demanding jobs.

      HTW - Manual torque wrenches

      Hi-Force industrial torque wrenches  are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. All models are ideally suited for applications requiring a repeatable, accurate torquing of bolts and nuts.

      The push-through square drive allows the wrench to be used for torque control in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to loosen.

      These wrenches are also used in combination with manual torque multipliers.

      TWHN - Hydraulic torque wrenches - Female hexagon

      The TWHN drive cylinders in combination with the TWHN-RH ratchet heads offer a powerful and low clearance design hydraulic torque wrench, suitable for loosening and tightening nuts in the most awkward positions, due to the slim ratchet head, which fits directly on the nut. Each drive cylinder can be combined with a large selection of ratchet heads, giving the user maximum flexibility. Reducer bushings are also available to decrease sizes of existing ratchet heads, without great expense. Further options include square drive conversion kits.

  • Protem

      Inside clamping bevelling machine type SM8

      The air-powered SM8 mini bellever is a very robust and reliable portable weld-end preparation tool. It performs repeatable quality weld preps on most metal pipes and tubes including carbon and stainless steel, duplex and super duplex, inconel etc from 8 mm ID to 30,5 mm ID. The cutting head will bevel, face and counterbore individually or in a synchronised operation. The SM8 is easily installed on all pipes and completely torque accepting (requires no holding device for machining). The Protem SM8 unit requires only 5/8'' minimum clearance from the pipe centreline, thereby allowing precise machining inside restricted working areas.

      Tube squaring machine SE 219

      The PROTEM SE219 has been especially designed and engineered to face and bevel tubes from 60.3 mm up to 219 mm OD. Its design and unique working range makes it the best tool in its class. The stainless steel or aluminium collet and its front support allow a perfect clamping and squareness without deformation for orbital welding. 4 standard HSS tool bits can be mounted on the tool holder plate to work simultaneously.

      This tool is ideal for sanitary tubing, food processing and chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The SE219 can be mounted either with an electric or a pneumatic drive.

      Hydraulic Power Units
      hpp The hydraulic power units feature the new generation of hydraulic power units while taking into consideration the real working conditions of the operators. They are completely closed framework reduce the level of noise drastically and protects the unit against unfavourable atmospheric field conditions.
      High Speed Beveling Benches(BB) Series
      bb3 The electric BB machine can be used either on-site or in the workshop. This heavy duty beveller will bevel, face and counterbore individually or simultaneously heavy wall pipes. It will perform repeatable high quality weld preps on most metal pipes including stainless, duplex, super duplex from 3” to 24” outside diameter (88.9 mm OD up to 610 mm OD). The machine is a bench beveller, can be fixed or not on the floor, is easily installed and clamps the outside diameter of the pipe. It can be easily operated by one operator. Used with the optional profile tracking device, it will machine oval pipes, leaving a root face of a consistent width, which is required when using orbital welding heads.
      Pipe Facing Machines US600-R
      dsc The PROTEM US600-R is a transportable machine which can perform bevels from 600 mm up to 1000 mm (version 1) or 1000 mm up to 1500 mm (version 2). The US600-R is able to perform weld preparation (J-prep, V-prep, compound bevel…) with repeatable high quality, on carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, inconel, duplex, superduplex… The US600-R is using standard carbide inserts, and can bevel easily up to 4" wall pipe. The machine is hydraulic driven connected to a 22 kW power pack.
      Pipe Facing Machines US-HSB Series
      HIGH SPEED BEVELERS / PIPE FACING MACHINES FOR ON SITE WELD END PREPARATION WORKS, PREFABRICATION WORKSHOPS. ID Clamping beveling equipment for pipelines, tubes, pipes, portable, easy to use
      • The hydraulic driven PROTEM PFM US-HSB tube and pipe beveling machines can be used either on site or in your prefabrication workshops.
      • The PROTEM PFM US-HSB beveling machines are transportable, easy to install and will be clamped into the inside diameter of the pipe.
      • These versatile machines will perform I, V, J, compound bevels, couter boring works on most materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and all exotic alloys such as INCOLOY, HASTELLOY, DUPLEX, P91 etc.
      Pipe Facing Machines OHSB-C-6-14
      ohsb The machine PROTEM OHSB-C 6-14 is designed to carry out bevels or compound bevels by copying. A carriage with hydraulic radial movement, mounted on the tool holder plate enables to perform bevelling works while using a copying cam. The tool holder is equipped with carbide plates. Maximum wall thickness of tube: maximum 60mm on a height of chamfer lower than 30 mm and a maximum angle of 37°. The carriage is provided with a copying roller acting on the internal diameter of the tube.
      TNO Series
      tno The PROTEM TNO tube severing and beveling machines are especially designed to fit your piping or tubing prefab applications on site or in workshops. These machines sever and bevel heavy wall pipes faster than any other machine. They allow to increase drastically your productivity by avoiding grinding and/or flame cutting operations, difficult handling and setting of pipes on a lathe. They are transportable, rigid, very fast and accurate.
      TU series
      tu The SERCO machines are positioned and locked by means of a column / arm system fixed on the outer part of the part to be machined. This clamping principle allows to perform internal machining works. The set-up of the machine is easy and fast. The SERCO TU 200 unit can be adjusted very accurately (concentricity and parallelism with a 1/100th mm precision). Machining accuracy: an accuracy of 1/100th mm with Ra up to 1.6 can be achieved.
      Tube cutting and bevelling machines
      tts The machine type PROTEM TTS-RD has been specially designed to perform cuts within limited clearances. The TTS-RD design, opening into two half shells, allows it to be set up on existing closed loops. Clamping by means of collets allows a quick set-up and an easy concentricity adjustment. The tool holders have been designed to remain in the ring overall dimensions. This machine allows to perform high quality weld preparation (orbital) on all types of tubes (steel, stainless steel…).
  • Weld-tech

      WT Steel Clamp
      wt This series of robust forged Steel Clamps is designed for Pipe to Pipe or Pipe to Fittings.
      The WT Steel Clamps are electro galvanized, and assure fast and effective clamping.
      The Butterfly Screws are made with Stainless Steel Balls, this eliminates scratching of the
      object to be welded and corrosion will not occur.
      The Clamp is made of sink forged steel. This gives enough clamping force to comply with the
      demands for all the pipe dimensions within the WT Steel Clamps range of 25-355 mm
      WT Steel Clamp can be used for the welding of steel pipes. Stainless Sleeves can be mounted
      on the WT Steel Clamp so it can be used for Stainless Steel, Duplex and other high alloy steel
      Manual Pipe Clamps, double
      pcd Double chain clamp type 2500D is an easy tool for clamping pipe to pipe, pipe to bend,
      pipe to tee or pipe to flange. The low weight make it very easy to operate in the workshop
      and on site.
      These clamps can adjust and align pipes with wall-thickness up to 1/2" (12 mm), and has a
      clamping force of 2500 kg.
      The clamps can be used for several pipe dimensions, simply by removing the jack-bars.
      The jack-bars are made of stainless steel on all our clamps.
      Type 2500D can be used for stainless steel, as only stainless steel is in contact with the
      All clamps can be used for pipe dimensions from 5".
      s300 S300 & D300 is extremely powerful Chain Clamps that can adjust and align Pipes with a
      wall-thickness up to 20 mm.
      Easy to use and a guarantee for perfect clamping of the Pipes before welding.
      WT Flange Leveler
      wtl WT Flange Leveler is always a good tool to have. The WT Flange Leveler can be used for
      flanges with bolt holes from 16 mm and larger. With this design you avoid the chance of misplacing
      loose parts, and you will have no need of using adjusting tools.
      EZ - Purge
      pt The new patented Purge Gas Equipment EZ-Purge is used from 20mm ID up to 215mm ID.
      The unique design of the Silicone Ball ensures that the EZ-Purge always makes a perfect
      seal. It is very user friendly and easy to push, pull and position in any Pipe or Fitting.
      The Basic Unit comes in two different sizes. The small unit goes from 20mm to 51mm. The
      standard length is 140mm but also can be supplied in 250mm. The large unit goes from
      52mm to 219mm with a standard length of 180mm and this can also be supplied in 250mm.
      This is especially important if welding with a gap, since it helps cool the Basic Unit to
      prevent burn/damage from the arc. The Basic Unit can stand up to 450°C.
      The Purge time is under 2 minutes for all dimensions.
      WELD-TECH PGE Type 210
      pge For pipe diameters between 8'' and 36'' (200 mm - 900 mm)
      The bigger the pipe, the longer it takes to fill a chamber with gas. Weld Tech has developed
      a cylinder that will save on gas consumption.
      The time to place PGE Type 210 and filling the chamber with gas, ensuring max. content of
      oxygen of 25 ppm (0,0025%) is carried out between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the pipe
  • Wicksteed

      Electronic Torque Controlled Motors
      etcm The current model of the Wicksteed Electronic Torque
      Control unit makes use of all the latest techniques
      in transistorised sensing devices mounted on sturdy
      printed circuit boards. The basics of the equipment is
      a load-current, sensitive, cut-out which automatically
      disconnects the power supply to the drive motor the
      moment that a pre-determined value of expansion or
      torque has been attained.
      Orbital Welding Head T-250
      t250 The Technodata Welding Head is used for TIG tube to tube-sheet weldings with and
      without filler wire. The main features are easy handling, high adaptability to the specific
      welds and precise torch guiding.
      The Welding Head T-250 consists of the central body with centering bell, torch unit and
      mounted rotating filler wire device. The rotating torch is water cooled and can be adjusted
      radial, axial and angular. The rotating movement is endless, current, shield gas and
      coolant are passed over by a rotation coupling.
      The Welding Head T-250 is centered in the tube to be welded by means of an
      interchangeable centering cartridge mounted on a centering mandrel. The distance, and
      the right angle position are secured by adjustable precise supporting legs. Exact filler
      wire guiding is guaranteed by a rigid guide system. Stepless adjustable driving motors
      for rotation and wire feeding together with the way control system are responsible for the
      automatic single or multi pass welding cycle.
      'C' Type 800 Series
      c800 Tube Expanders fitted with 5 rollers are available for expanding thin wall and titanium tubes.
      10 Tonne Tube Stub Removal Kit - HTP2
      htp2 The 10 Tonne Portable Tube Stub Removal Kit offers a compact and easy to use piece of equipment to remove tube
      stubs up to 11/4" (32mm) O/D.
      The kit comprises of three main parts:
      • A self tapping spear which is screwed into the tube stub.
      • A hydraulic pull cylinder which is connected to the spear.
      • A foot controlled air powered hydraulic pump which provides the power to the cylinder, so the tube stub can be
      Also included in the kit is a three metre long hydraulic hose fitted with quick release couplings that connect the pulling
      cylinder to the foot pump, a 1/2" square ratchet handle and a lockable storage box
      The self tapping spear is designed to be driven into the tube stub using the spear's 1/2" square male drive either by an
      impact wrench for speed or manually using the 1/2" square ratchet handle provided. Spears are available to suit all tube
      sizes up to and including 11/4" O/D.
      HETP30 HETP30 Pneumatic
      Hydraulic Fully Automatic Continuous Tube Pulling
      Machine. This machine is highly portable requiring only
      air pressure in sufficient volume at a standard factory
      pressure to work. It can be easily transported and installed
      wherever tubes need to be removed e.g. factories, ships,
      oil rigs, petrochemical installations, sugar refineries etc.
      The HETP30 machine uses exactly the same consumable
      tooling as the TP2000E and TP2000P.
  • Magtron

      mbe30 A sturdy, technologically-advanced machine with 1050 Watt German Motor with variable speed and overload protection for high-quality, low-cost drilling up to 50mm cutting depth.

      Designed for broach cutting, the MBE30 also quickly converts to drilling or countersink work and weighs only 13kg.

      mbe40 Electronic variable speeds in two geared ranges, high-volume hole cutting from a compact 15kg unit.

      Using a no.2 morse taper German motor, the MBE40 can drill 45mm holes and combines outstanding performance with portability.

      This model is also available with a forward / reverse option which allows you to use this machine for tapping operations up to M16 model MBE40FR. 

      mt50 A powerful 1600 watt unit, the MT50 features a constant torque motor with variable speeds in two geared ranges and has a torque setting and thermal cutout as protection for overloading during operation.

      The no.3 morse taper arbor can be replaced with twist drills of up to 32mm diameter.

      mag Offering unique capability to cut large screw threads on site, the MAGTAP30 adds electronically controlled reverse drilling to the low-speed, high-torque AEG four-speed motor allowing precision drilling of holes in steel up to 100mm.

      The powerful magnetic base exerts a force of almost two tonnes, ensuring stability.

      mb32 A heavy-duty stand for most no.3 morse taper drills. 
      The 1800kg magnetic adhesion allows for drilling holes of up to 32mm. This model is also available with a swivel capability of 100 degree and a 22 mm front-to-rear movement; model MB32S